Thursday we dropped by to say a quick hello
and Lacie met at few of the folks that make
WSVS The Country and Bluegrass
Sound of SOVA and beyond.

March 15

Lacie, Bobby Wilcox, Sylvia( Lacies Mom), and Ken Peade of Peadmont Entertainment meet and chat about the Music Biz.


Conversations continues as Bobby goes over some  Programming update with
Debbie Evans

Steve Winn in midst of working on
the last Coffee Chat  Chat Show with a Friend

It did not take long before Lacie found her way in to the
Flatts and Scruggs Studio
and some one to jam with,
Ken Peade of
Peadmont Entertainment





March 16

Cofee Chat FINALE


Mayor Billy of Blackstone has great tastes
in pic with Steve Winns
better half Sister and the Devine Miss Lacie

Steve mugging with his Sister and Friend

Everyone including some on four legs come out to say thanks to Steve and this Guy
found some extra munchies.



Thornton taking some pics as Sylvia and new friend chat in background watching the mixing of the Event on Radio Live


Its amazing what this one Man had done over the many almost 25 years bringing Folks together in countless different ways through a calming but direct voice of positive and caring energy and the power of WSVS Radio with definitely some of the magic of Lester Flatts and Earl Scruggs in toe.

Everyone takes turns coming up to Steve and thanking him for all he and Coffee Chat did for so many the past 30 years

Walking in to WSVS as the different groups of people mingle about waiting to say THANKS to Steve Winn for all He,  WSVS and Coffee Chat have
done over the 30 years. 


Steve Signs off Coffee Chat for last time .
General Manager Gordon Finny and Reverend Barry Wells
t\That this man who has done some much and given the to some many to also accomplish amazing actions and untold amounts of kindness for the citizens and countless millions who hear his voice over the past years is miracle.

It does not  take long for throngs of people to descend upon WSVS Studios from all over the SOVA and come thank Him ,Gordon and of Course Flatts and Scruggs Etc,  for the jewel in the Country



A walk back through WSVS and History as well but some exciting new additions are on the way and Garys New Guitar Workshop has been a hit and I am  sure Steve will be a visitor back here as well, so brush up on your Sports Trivia  but good luck beating him lol.



High Noon Hoe Down
 Happy ST Paddys March 16





Bobby Prepare for Lacie`s set while
Debbie goes over the copy

Lacie gets it started with a well known
ballad from Dolly

Lacie getting  ready to light it up






Bobby Wilcox does a little
introduction and chats with Lacie  as she tells about here first instrument, a Baby Grand Piano and going to a Burt Bacharach Concert as a kid which bring here to this point as she gets ready to do an EP this Summer which will be produced by the famous Wayne Moss and Paradise Records in Nashville .
Kiss and Roy Orbisons` famous lick in Pretty Woman




When Thornton isn't writing over 600 Songs or 20 Books and it is because of my good friend that we met Lacie to begin with as the met at a Songwriting Session and she mentioned she would love to go to Virginia and play as she never had been there.


 Thornton told her I got A Guy who does my Website Promo and Friend from Junior High.
I bet he could get you some action there . lol